Our curriculum flows from two sources: suffering and wordless direct experience. Luckily we have the good sense to delicately focus on the tools used in the curriculum, i.e. ANCIENT ENERGY ARTS, and not dwell on the GIANT PAINS IN THE ASS sentient beings must bear.

As practitioners of traditional disciplines of higher self-cultivation we present an outright challenge to conventional, secular opinion. Our bodies are products of multiple billions of years of evolving genetic material and pure consciousness. While secular (and many wanna-be sacred) communities stress material gain, intellectualism and ego enhancement as primary functions for humans, our focus remains on these questions:

Kinetic therapeutics have enjoyed a long, distinctive, EFFECTIVE history in Asian medical histories. Known at different times as Animal Play, medical gymnastics, Cultivating Heaven and Earth, Lead-and-Guide, etc., there are thousands of psycho-physical therapies manifested in traditional medical lore. CenterPoint work addresses the weakest areas in the human bio-sphere: Immune response, mental functions, emotional content, spiritual cultivation. Obviously some of the modalities will share more than one appropraite therapy. In fact, everyone of the remedial disciplines has overlapping, integrated effects.