Edward Orem has 43 years experience in integral mind-body training systems, including several yogas and martial arts of India, China, Tibet, Burma, Japan. He was introduced to Asian integral studies in 1965, when he started training in Bando (The Way of Discipline). However, he was already involved full-time in collegiate track, carrying a full-time university study load, and working two part-time jobs, so he had to put his martial arts on hold for awhile. But he was hooked and went back to Bando in 1964, after fulfilling his university athletic responsibilities and attaining his B.A. in English.

Bando Kick-boxing remained his chief focus until 1970, with the beginning of instruction in Hatha and Kundalini yogas, Shaolin Kung Fu and T'ai-chi Ch'uan. Studies in Chi-Kung, Kempo, Xing-I Ch'uan ("Mind-Body Boxing") and Pa-Kua Chang ("Eight Forms of Consciousness Boxing") followed soon after.

Sifu Orem holds the following ranks:

-Black Sash/Instructor, from Gung-Fu Wu-Shu Institute;

-8th Degree Black Sash in Chinese Boxing, from the International Chinese Boxing Federation;

-10th Degree Black Belt in Shaolin Chuan Fa, from the World Wide Chinese Boxing Assn (which also nominated him as their country rep for Costa Rica.

He was also voted into the World Martial Arts Masters Society (head-quartered in Germany), as the ranking member of the Society.

He is the author of several manuals focused on the practicum and methodology of effective training, including SENG PING TAO: PATH OF THE WARRIOR MONK and ESOTERIC MARTIAL ARTS OF ZEN: TRAINING METHODS FROM THE PATRIARCH. He has also created and produced 35 training videos with such diverse topics as Kempo Ki/Chi Development, Northern Shaolin for the Mature Athlete, T'ai-chi and Pregnancy, a children's Kung Fu series, plus many northern and southern Shaolin hand and weapon forms. Sifu Orem is a featured writer with the largest on-line martial arts magazine, DRAGON'S LIST (dragonslist.com); view his articles in the November (1999), January (2000), and March (2000) issues.

Sifu Orem has taught through a community college, as consultant with a Native American health clinic and as instructor at a rural hospital. He has also been a high school teacher, university teacher, language school director (Africa and Wash., DC), and research linguist. Post-graduate university course-work has included studies in holistic health, education, linguistics, anthropology and Tibetan health practices. Studies in Chi-Kung were undertaken at the Chi-Kung Institute in San Francisco. He was honored in 1976 to be chosen to work for President Carter's Bay Area Committee for Alternative health Practices.

Sifu Orem also founded Kuang Ping Tai-Chi Assn. to honor the discipline brought to the West by Kuo Lien Ying. Instructional venues have recently included workshops in Costa Rica, Oregon, California and Florida (Longevity Arts of China and Tibet, Chi-Kung, Chinese Yoga), and group instruction in Shaolin Temple Boxing and T’ai-chi Ch’uan.