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This extensive training program targets how to explore, generate and control energies not usually available to humans. It offers integrated training for those who wish to do the work of improving cerebral functions, coming to full understanding of the human experience, and maintaining multi-level health. The instruction follows the training methods from ancient India and China, as experienced by the founder of Chan/Zen Buddhism, Bodhidharma (Tamo) as he grew into adulthood and spiritual maturity.

The Patriarch of Zen was considered a dangerous rebel by the status quo, and for good reason: his approach to human development rejected authority outside of oneself, including scripture and officials. Officials/Intellectuals within the Buddhist hierarchy have always had a hard time with Tamo's methods of direct pointing.

This training information has been suppressed by almost the entire Zen hierarchy, as it exists in Japan, USA and Europe. It is only because of the "fringe" members of the spiritual family, i.e. martial artists, that this information has been worked with and preserved. Those who persevere through the the entire studies (taking several years) will receive Instructor's qualification for the complete three-phase instruction, including 1) Shipalohanshou/18 Methods of the Enlightened Ones , 2) Yijinjing/Muscle-Sinew Changing and 3)Shii Shoei Ching/Marrow Washing.

A manual is available through Sifu Orem. $20-, plus $3- shipping within USA, Canada, Mexico. Other countries, add $10-. Send money order in U.S. funds; make it payable to: E. OREM, and post it to 7755 S.W. 69th St., Portland, Oregon 97223, USA.