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       Glad you found your way here...OK, to get a few things straight, allow me to walk you through the parameters of what these workshops are and are not.


        The adults' workshops are teaching:learning environments composed of suitably serious material. If you don't want to absorb what's presented in an intensive manner, this wouldn't be the kind of workshop you'd like. I do insist that everyone trains to his best ability at all times. If you goof off and/or disturb us, I'll tell you to go away, and you won't get a refund. These environments constitute "sacred space" and not everyone can deal with that.

        There are usually two training sessions daily, each lasting 2-3 hours. The first session begins early (half-hour before sunrise), while the second starts an hour before the sun sets behind the nearest peak.

        Each workshop has appropriate textual material and graphics hand-outs. The Zen Kinetic Yoga workshop attendees will be given a copy of my training manual Esoteric Martial Arts of Zen: Training Methods of the Patriarch. The tads enrolled in Shaolin Temple Arts for Kids will be given sand dollars and conch shells.

        OK, let's talk a bit about the children's workshop. It starts at 8 am and lasts 'til 10. Can your child pay attention that long? That's the only "age" requirement that I have: that he/she knows how to focus. If your child is into "acting out" as an expression of getting attention, then he/she will be robbing the rest. My attitude and approach to children is friendly and direct. I honestly do love being with them and playing together. The "training" is not beyond most children in terms of skills, and I don't insist on correct form--in fact, I constantly give them strokes about their performance. After the non-combative, non-competitive training (stretching, line drills, kicks, form), I'll offer my services as guide and companion until noon to anyone wishing my company. I have three sons (15, 10, 8) whom I'm hoping will want to come with.

        However, that's as far as I take the "tourguide" thing, i.e. for the kids. You adults are on your own as far as transport, accomodation, etc. go. What's a spiritual adventure without dealing with the unknown? There are innumerable websites dealing with the exact places we're headed, with on-line descriptions of hotels, restaurants, sights, etc.

        I hope you will have the inclination for compassionate service while you're in-country; if you can't make those connections yourself, I can suggest some local resources.

How to Reserve Your Space

       I don't use on-line credit card/check-writing services for one reason: they are not secure. Credit card theft and other related fraud on the Net are taking place in such numbers that law enforcement just can't keep up. Many online companies allow credit card purchases, but increasingly those files have been raided by cyber thieves, and the credit card numbers sold or posted on the InterNet. Here are two safe ways: 1) Send enrolment information (Your name, address, phone, email address, as well as the workshop name, date, and location, along with 50% deposits or full tuition fees (as bank draft, check, non-postal service money order) made out to Edward Orem to P.O. Box 476, Terrebonne, Oregon 97760 USA. and 2) Direct Deposit into US Bank (for account number please call us at 541-330-0997). After the deposit is made please email the transaction report data from the bank to and include your name, phone number, email.