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Tantra-Tao Massage is about meditation and release. The meditative component acts as our gateway to rejuvenation of body, mind, emotion. On the physical level, meditation helps to prolong the body's anabolic process of growth and repair, and to reduce the catabolic or decaying process. Ordinarily the anabolic process predominates until the age of 18. From 18 to 35 there is balance between the two, and after 35 the catabolic process dominates. Meditation can significantly reduce the catabolic decline. This is because of the innate receptivity of the body cells.

Each of our body cells is governed by the instinctive subconscious mind. They have both an individual and a collective conciousness. When the thoughts and desires pour into the body, the cells are activated; the body always obeys the group demand. It has been scientifically proven that positive thoughts bring positive result to cells. As meditation brings about a prolonged positive state of mind , it rejuvenates body cells and retards decay.

You can now glimmer what it means to be touched by another's energy during the meditative state: it changes your own cell structure, according to the intent of both giver and receiver. Obviously it is not enough to be passively receiving during such work, as is usually the case with most massage. We focus on three areas during the massage: 1) Your changing level of chi/prana; 2) Its movement into and out of various chakra power centers; 3) Release of expectations and agenda.

Tantra-Tao Massage encourages joyful mindfulness, living each moment, being in relationship, participating in each activity, with awareness and a sense of the sacred. The purpose of the program is to bring your mind's attention to your body's presence. When you become mentally and physically centered in your body, you become more open to your naturally joyous state of being. You enter into the "here and now", where only Love is present. Past and future disappear, only the eternal moment exists.

Tantra is a spiritual path from India that uses first chakra energy as a driving force for awakening into higher consciousness. Taoist qi gong massage from China, uses flowing movement and internal focus to increase and balance the flow of energy through meridian pathways in our bodies. Both Tantra and Taoism recognize Sacred Temple Yoni energy as the embodiment of divine creation, a powerful energy vortex. Called the Hui Yin point in Taoist practices, the Yoni Temple center is the starting place, the gateway to powerful currents of life-force that can be experienced throughout your body. Tantra practitioners purposefully experience expanded orgasmic release as a way of moving energy into higher chakras for spiritual transformation. And Taoists have a distinctive history of cultivating longevity practices using the same energy source.

The Heart Center, located in the center of your chest, inside your rib cage at breast level, is where you experience personal emotion as well as devotional spiritual love. Tantra-Tao Massage helps you to connect the Yoni Temple and the Heart Center. When this link becomes activated, energy flows freely between the two centers, giving birth to a high state of being that nourishes and fulfills your soul.

So, the movement of energy between the heart, super-consciousness center and the Sacred Yoni Temple is the basic premise of Tantra-Tao Massage. As the movements begin to blend the Sacred Temple and spiritual energies, love within you begins to grow. A spiritual opening takes place in the center of your head. In Tantra, this center is called "Bindi". The movements of the massage will help you focus your attention on three centers called Bindi, Heart and Sacred Temple.

Tantra-Tao Massage brings your mental attention inside your body. The massage will direct you to alternate your efforts of contraction and release in varying patterns, tightening the pelvic floor muscles to bring your attention to this vital area of your body. And then, by focusing on the Yoni, Heart and Bindi centers, you transform the paradigm of self-knowledge from a direct linear release of climactic tension to a slower journey of blissful orgasmic expansion as you dance and swirl between each of the centers.

The intention of the Tantra-Tao Massage is to encourage you to know your sacred temple, to encourage the experience of dropping all your masks to stand revealed as your authentic self. Underneath all your pretensions and projections, you are a beautiful divine being, perfect and whole. This is the Self-Knowledge we aspire towards in Tantra-Tao Massage.

As time and space are relieved of their usual constrictions during this massage, an hour is generally regarded as just a "beginning." It is not uncommon for the receiver to contract, release, and expand herself for up to three hours--sometimes with barely a break in concentration. The focus and enjoyment are intense! Practically-speaking, it is impossible to predict your 1) level of concentration; 2) emotional responses, and therefore your, 3) time needs. For these reasons, sessions are open-ended, with a one-hour minimum and a three-hour limit. The fee is the same, no matter the time: $80/session. Call Dr. Orem at 299-4789 to discuss this exhilirating, up-lifting and unique massage experience.