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Pa Tuan Chin/8 Pieces of Gold Brocade

Saturday, March 27, 1999 ~ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Location: Secluded Yoga Studio in Tallahassee (directions provided to registrants)

Tuition: $65.00/adults; $55.00/students (light lunch provided)

Instructor: Dr. Edward Orem, PhD*

Pa Tuan Chin, a system of psycho-physical training developed in Asian monasteries and forests during the past 4,000 years, addresses how to build essential energy skills. This is a fundamental introduction to this ancient health system, focusing on creation of wei-chi, or your Radiant Shield of Protective Energy. This is a Basic Health Maintenance Program, suitable for any age group with little or no experience in martial arts, meditation, and/or energy work, upon which principles and practices of advanced curriculum are founded. The entire training strengthens the immune system, increases cerebral functions, and encourages a long life of inner development. The studies are kinetic and gentle and are designed to improve musculature, circulation, vital organ function, and to increase availability of internal energy.

This workshop has several components:

Tui Na self-massage

Location of energy points and methods of their stimulation

Exercises from the Shaolin Temple for stretching and strengthening

Tao Yin meditation and visualization instruction


*Edward Orem’s mind-body studies began in 1964 and have included such diverse disciplines as Burmese kick-boxing, Taoist yoga, Hatha yoga, Shaolin Temple Boxing, T’ai-chi Ch’uan, Hsing-I Ch’uan, Pa Kua Chang, Kempo Karate. His qualifications include B.A. (English), PhD (Holistic Health), 8th Degree Black Belt (Zen Kempo-jitsu), 6th Toan Black Sash (Chinese Boxing), 5th Black in Chinese Kick-boxing, and Massage Therapist. He has studied at American University, Georgetown University, California State University (Arcata), Nyingma Institute of Tibetan Studies, Chi-Kung Institute, Institute of Health Sciences, and with 10 martial arts masters. Currently Dr. Orem offers private consultation in longevity arts, and teaches T’ai-chi Ch’uan, Shaolin Temple Boxing, and Chi Kung through auspices of Central Oregon Community College and Mountain Edge Yoga Center in Sisters, Oregon.

Email Dr. Orem at

To reserve your place, complete the information below and return with your deposit of $20.00 by Friday, March 19 ~ Maximum number of participants: 20

Registration: Send checks payable to Lydia Riedell c/o New Directions, 3200 Affirmed Ct., Tallahassee, FL 32308

Email Lydia at: or call 668-2525


Pa Tuan Chin Workshop with Dr. Edward Orem: Saturday, March 27, 1999

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