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This course draws from such Internal Work (nei kung) as T’ai-chi Ch’uan, Shing-Yi Ch’uan, Pa-Kuan Chang, and Chi-Kung from both Lo Han Ga (Buddhist) and Tao Ga (Taoist) traditions. The emphasis is on learning several systems for improvement of health-specific problems, health maintenance, augmentation of cerebral function, and the ability to identify, store, control and maintain intrinsic and extrinsic chi. Weapons studies appropriate for each tradition are optional. Of course the focus for each discipline-specific course reflects the candidate's interests and strengths. However, within the genre of Nei Kung, the candidate with a T’ai-chi emphasis can expect his study program to look something like this before he receives a teaching qualification:



First - Second Years: White Sash

Third – Fourth Years: Blue Sash

Fifth Year: Green Sash

Six Year: Gold Sash

Seventh Year: Black Sash