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These systems of psycho-physical training developed in Asian monasteries and forests during the past 4,000 years. The movements are gentle, suitable for any age group. Stemming from the powerful body of medicine from both Taoists and Buddhists, this work is designed to improve musculature, circulation, and vital organ function, increase availability of internal energy, and stimulate growth of consciousness.

There is a six-month Foundation Training orientation in the following Longevity Arts:

Foundation Training in Longevity Arts addresses how to build essential energy skills. This is a fundamental introduction to these ancient health systems, focusing on creation of wei-chi, your radiant shield of Protective Energy.

Each Foundation Training meeting has these components:

1) A health maintenance program (upon which principles and practices of advanced curriculum are founded), i.e. Tui Na "Push-Pull" self-massage, location/stimulation of energy points on head-torso-feet, exercises from the Shaolin Temple for stretching and strengthening; and 2) The current session’s focus on a particular system.

There is no previous skill necessary to jump in at this fundamental level. However, Foundation Training in Longevity Arts is required for those desiring to move into higher studies and/or pursue Instructor Certification in Ancient Medical Kinetic Therapies. Subsequent components of the Certificate Program include: