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   The unknown Honduras offers you 28,860 square kilometers of amazing beauty in 54 protected areas with 20 National Parks, 10 Wildlife Refuges, 10 Biological Reserves and 1 Biosphere Reserve, more than 600 species of birds and rare fauna like jaguars and tapirs, scarlet macaws and the elusive Caribbean manatee, Spider monkeys, capuchins and howler monkeys roam the canopy composed over two hundred know species of trees covering with it's forest more than 50% of the national territory!
    Add this to the rare opportunity to begin life-long studies in rare and ancient arts--Longevity Arts of China & Tibet, Ancient Medical Kinetics, Bodhidharma's Diamond Body Chi-Kung, Tantric and Taoist Chi-Kung--and you have the making of a unique experience to be relished all your days.