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A high quality of vitality is the foundation of human health & longevity, the basis of immunity and resistance. As vitality depends on nutrition, breath energy, and nourishment of spirit, we are able to significantly affect how much vitality we have. Addressing the work of cultivating vitality directly on the level of energy is the realm of the ancient Royal Arts.

The longest-lasting, most efficient method of generating vitality is through the integration of three higher human functions: breath work/chi kung; visualization; integral mind-body movement. These three functions have been consciously integrated, codified, and presented systematically in India, Tibet, China, southeast Asia for several thousand years.

They have been known variously as "vajramukti/ch'uan fa/kempo/Lion's Play"; we shall refer to them here as "The Royal Arts," as they've been the root training (as well as higher studies) for a preponderence of sages and holy men, including Gautama and Bodhidharma. The Royal Arts includes the martial arts, training in medical practices (massage, spinal adjustment, acupuncture, herbal lore), philosophical investigations, spiritual research, meditation practice. The differences and similarities inherent to the major components, known as the Internal School and the External School, generally reflect the weight of martial intent. However, it is absolutely true that both approaches include good health, longevity, spiritual growth and abundant energy as core concerns.

Potent self-energy indicates a successful, dynamic relationship between different aspects of animate-inanimate-spiritual life. The Royal Arts is the study and application of this relationship. The Royal Arts helps us to see how fundamental forces of the cosmos mirror within ourselves. It enables us to live consciously in direct relationship to cosmic forces. It enables us to extract everything we can from the human experience.

This is what is promised to us from this work:

  • 1 Balance and harmony between body-mind-emotions, electro-magnetic forces, and our internal universals of yin-yang;
  • 2 Conscious engagement of endocrine system to produce hormones, enzymes, neurochemicals to boost our immune system;
  • 3 Balancing the PH level of the blood;
  • 4 Better circulation of blood and energy, nourishing and energizing all organs and glands, detoxifying tissues by carrying away metabolic wastes and dissolving accumulated toxins, damaged cells, undesirable microbes and parasites.
  • 5 Improvement in cerebral function: the training of the mind to take conscious command of energy for healing and spiritual growth.
  • 6 Improvement in relationships between others/Nature/Cosmos.