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Body Wisdom:

Characteristics and Principles




I. Readying the Vehicle for the Work

1. Basic Training

2. A Suggested Program for Mid-life

3. Acknowledging bases of positions of self-fiction

4. Replacing dysfunctional paradigms with integrated practices



II. How to Recognize Effective Training

1. Not interrupted, regular, constant, continuous

2. Blending, intermingling, dissolving of ego posturing

3. Purification/cleansing of Mind

4. Maturation of creative processes

5. Extraordinary manifestations

6. Body becomes lighter in weight

7. Communication with animals

8. Emitting bright light on command

9. Creation of subtle energy body for healing arts, communication, long-distance observations



III. Features of Mindful Movement

1. Integration of All Health Systems

a. Works at physical level by intensifying the energy body (jeng chi and

wei chi)

b. Draws in power from surrounding environment which can then be


2. Defends against self-delusion manifested as physical attack

3. As emotional and psychological therapies

4. As ritual expressions

5. As meditative vehicles



IV. Steps to Understanding the Training

1. Viewing movement as purely physical

2. Thinking about the physical form and relation to

defensive maneuvers

3. Learning the movement as ritual gestures with inherent


4. Considering the idea of "self" defense, the role of the

"self" in the process and as an entity

5. Considering the patterns of "self" within life


6. Understanding causes for the experiences being where and

how they occurred

7. Pondering causes of own existence

8. Displaying calm and insightfulness

9. Embracing all responses



V. Esoteric Meanings/Inner Understandings of Kinetic Meditation

1. Integral forms of dynamic interaction between


2. Exposing the ego's reliance on rigid postures in

presentation of self, e.g. self-deceit/guilt-filled

states/obsessions/fears/desires to be punished

3. Recognizing forms of the postures of self-fiction

4. Acknowledging the bases of the positions

5. Understanding parallels between health and ego postures.

6. Recognizing integrated kinetics as embodying and

expressing power of forces behind Evolution



VI. Attaining Mastery Over Suffering Experienced and Perpetuated

1. Creation of internal mental dramas

2. Observing own relationship to mental and physical abuse

3. Integrating emotional and mental responses to intense attacks of

hatred, mental and physical abuse

4. Developing direct awareness of nature and content of ego's posturing

during attack