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    The unknown Honduras offers you 28,860 square kilometers of amazing beauty in 54 protected areas with 20 National Parks, 10 Wildlife Refuges, 10 Biological Reserves and 1 Biosphere Reserve, more than 600 species of birds and rare fauna like jaguars and tapirs, scarlet macaws and the elusive Caribbean manatee, Spider monkeys, capuchins and howler monkeys roam the canopy composed over two hundred known species of trees covering with it's forest more than 50% of the national territory!

    Add this to the rare opportunity to begin life-long studies in rare and ancient arts-- Ancient Medical Kinetics, Kum Nye Exercises, Taoist/Buddhist Chi-Kung--and you have the making of a unique experience to be relished all your days.

    The Maya Mountains are centrally located in the Cayo District, ideally situated to see Western Belize (Five Blues Lake, The Blue Hole, Mountain Pine Ridge, Caracol and Xunantunich), and is on the way to Tikal. The main town of San Ignacio is easily reached from the International Airport and ideal for heading south to Dangriga and Placencia. A few of the attractions of the region:  jungle canopy with walkable trails, Mayan villages, rivers, pools, waterfalls, herbal school, ruins, Toucans, Jacamars, Spectacled Owls, Ferruginous Pygmy Owls and of course, numerous types of hummingbirds. Jaguar, ocelot, and tapir also roam the remoter parts of the Mountains. Numerous lodges are available, as well as accomodations in San Ignacio.

    Workshop attendees in San Ignacio will immerse themselves in Zen Kinetic Yoga (Shi Pa Lohan Shou), one of the oldest extant integral training systems. This rich, deep taproot stretches 25 centuries from southern India to northeastern China. There is evidence that it pre-dates the codification of Hatha Yoga.

    Dr. Orem has taught children many years, but never in a four-day workshop, and NEVER at the small, southern port town of Punta Gorda with its great access to the world's second largest barrier reef, the Bay Islands, and Guatemala! C'mon, you kids! We'll train a couple hours a day, and then we'll play! Dr. Orem will escort children on outings after the morning workout of Shaolin Temple arts: exercises, animal forms and sitting meditation. A certificate will be awarded.


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    Lake Atitlan : clear azule waters ringed with towering volcanoes, incredible sunsets, deep in a region of base-line Maya culture--this has got to be one of the world's visual treasures. Watching Indian weavers at work, buying "hot off the loom," an herbal school, traipsing the surrounding mountains, or venturing to nearby villages add to the pleasures. Quetzaltenango and Antigua Guatemala aren't that far away, either.

    The Lake's shore at sunrise and sunset will be the setting for exploring Bodhidharma's "Diamond Body Chi Kung" and the Taoist's system "Tapping Energies of Heaven and Earth."


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